Time Out! 

I have taken some time off due to some family tragedies and to upgrade my musical skills. I will be performing live again very soon!


I will be doing a solo performance at a back yard barbecue In Gulf Port Florida on Sunday April 18,2010. It is basically a gathering of fellow musicians and we all get to perform three songs. The food is grilled and killed by Ms.Goody's husband Mike. Mike is an avid hunter so there will be plenty of deer burgers,pulled pork,as well as regular burger's and hot dog's for the less adventerous appetities. I went last year as well and had a great time. A great gathering of friends and fellow musicians.

Catch Up! 

I've been behind for a while due to some life changing circumstances but life is back on track now. Along with performing music I am now doing video's os some of the local area bands. The songs are not quite ready for a second cd just yet. For some unknown reason my recorder won't record. Until I can get my recorder fixed or get a new one things are on hold for now. I still have plenty of music to work on I just can't record anything. Life is good!


I bought myself a video camera and have been using some of my musician friends as guinea pigs. In the very near future I will be posting a video or two of me on you tube.

Happy Holidays! 

Happy Holidays everyone! After the first of the year I will be heading into the studio to start my second cd,Road Songs.

Video Camera! 

After using my new Flip video camera I decided to buy an adult sized video camera with more recording time. The Flip is a great little camera for the price but not enough recording time for my needs. I want to do a full performance video not just one or two hours.


I finally bought a video camera so now I can record and put some video's up on You Tube etc. I am hoping to have the first video up by the nend of this year or first part of 2010.


I am currnetly working on my second cd,Road Songs. Right now I am polishing things up so I can be in the studio next month.


I am cleaning and organizing this week so I can start recording.I have bass and lead parts to figure out before I head to a real studio. Pre production work!


With my mother having so many health issues this summer it certainly has been an overly busy one. I've written three new songs in the past three weeks and I am currently working on a fourth one.